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Copywriting &

Poetry Coaching

with Elizabeth Oxley

A woman with flowers and leaves flying up and out of her head.

I spruce. I spiff. I spit-shine your writing and make it better.

I believe people are happier when they get to tell their stories well. By story, I mean almost anything that takes shape with words. From company websites and newsletters to photo captions and product descriptions, I apply a keen eye/ear and a deft hand to your writing to bring out its best qualities.

Need from-scratch writing? In many cases, I can do that, too. Pricing for all projects can be structured as an hourly or flat rate, depending on the project's scope.

My not-so-secret love is poetry. In addition to working with everyday language, I offer one-on-one poetry coaching sessions for beginning and advanced poets. (View some of my poetry here.)


Don't be shy. Tell me about your needs in the contact form below, and I'll tell you if I think we're a match.


About Elizabeth

A Colorado resident, I made my way west on a whim after graduating from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. I was always a writer by nature, but it was in a Colorado gold mining town that I met a British poet who set me firmly on my writing path.


As I began to explore and write poetry, my understanding of the power of words—and how to access it—grew. It continues to grow with each piece of writing I do, no matter what form a project takes.


That learning is never done, in fact. This endless adventure with language is exactly what draws me to spend my time among words and to share my love of them with others.

View writing samples and more about me here.


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